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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

St. Thais of Egypt

...St. Thais lived in Egypt in the fifth century. Left an orphan after the death of her wealthy parents, she led a pious life, distributing her wealth to the poor and giving shelter to pilgrims on her estate. She decided that she would never marry, but would devote her life to serving Christ.
After spending all her inheritance, Thais was tempted to acquire more money by any means and began to lead a sinful life. The Elders of Sketis near Alexandria heard of her fall, and asked St. John the Dwarf to go to Thais and persuade her to repent. “She was kind to us,” they said, “now perhaps we can help her. You, Father, are wise. Go and try to save her soul, and we will pray that the Lord will help you.”
The Elder went to her home, but Thais’s servant refused to let him into the house. St. John said, “Tell your mistress that I have brought her something very precious.” Knowing that the monks sometimes found pearls at the seashore, Thais told her servant to admit the visitor. St. John sat down and looked her in the face, and then began to weep. Thais asked him why he was crying. “How can I not weep,” he asked, “when you have forsaken your Bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ, and are pleasing Satan by your deeds?”
The Elder’s words pierced the soul of Thais like a fiery arrow, and at once she realized how sinful her present life had become. In fear, she asked him if God would accept the repentance of a sinner like her. St. John replied that the Savior awaited her repentance, and that was why He came, to seek and to save the perishing. “He will welcome you with love,” he said, “and the angels will rejoice over you. As the Savior said Himself, one repentant sinner causes the powers of Heaven to rejoice.” (Luke 15:7).
A feeling of repentance enveloped her, and regarding the Elder’s words as a call from the Lord Himself to return to Him, Thais trembled and thought only of finding the path of salvation. She stood up and left her house without speaking to her servants, and without making any plans for the disposal of her property, so that even St. John was amazed.
Following St. John into the wilderness, she returned to God through penitence and prayer. Night fell, and the Elder prepared a place for Thais to lay down and sleep. He made a pillow for her from the sand, and he went off somewhat farther, going to sleep after his evening prayers.
In the middle of the night, he was awakened by a light coming down from the heavens to the place where Thais was sleeping. In the radiant light, he saw holy angels bearing her soul to Paradise. When he went over to Thais, he found her dead.
St. John prayed and asked God to reveal to him whether Thais had been saved. An angel of God appeared and told him, “Abba John, her one hour of repentance was equal to many years, because she repented with all her soul, and a compunctionate heart.”
After burying the body of the saint, St. John returned to Sketis and told the monks what had happened. All offered thanks to God for His mercy toward Thais who, like the wise thief, repented in a single moment.

ผิดพลาด! การอ้างอิงการเชื่อมโยงหลายมิติไม่ถูกต้อง
by Father John Bartunek, LC | Source: Catholic.net

Uncle Eddy's E-mails -- October 8
Saint Thais of Egypt (entered heaven this day around the year 348)
Dear Theo,
I detected a trace of comfort-seeking in your last note. Could it be that you have become a bit self-satisfied now that you’re a senior? True, you have accomplished a lot in three years working with Compass and Campus Ministry. No one can fairly doubt it. But if God hasn’t yet taken you home to heaven, there’s a reason: you’ve still got more work to do. Is everyone on campus in love with Christ? Are all the campus leaders committed to the Kingdom? Until they are, you have no cause to relax your efforts. Perhaps today’s saint can inspire you to expand your horizons.
She was a beautiful Egyptian noblewoman who grew up as a Christian. Unfortunately, however, the pleasures of court life flattered her vanity and drew her into their sticky web. She frolicked and indulged, stifling her conscience and scandalizing her fellow citizens with her wholehearted embrace of the most sensual of sins. Her reputation for ill behavior spread throughout the region, and, with the help of God’s grace, moved a holy hermit by the name of Paphnutius to begin interceding for her conversion. He wept continually for her sins, did penance for them, and eventually concocted a pious plan to retrieve her soul from the road to perdition. He left his cave in the desert, donned courtly garb, and approached her residence for an interview. She invited him into her parlor, but he asked to be shown an even more isolated room. At that request, she countered, “If you wish to avoid the eyes of men, this is sufficient; if you wish to avoid the eyes of God, no room is beyond his all-piercing gaze.” Paphnutius was shocked to find that she still remembered the truth of God’s presence. When he expressed his surprise, she explained that she also knew about heaven and hell and the punishments of sin. Flabbergasted, he queried: “Is it possible you should know these great truths and yet dare to sin in the eyes of him who knows and will judge all things?” At that moment, her heart was touched by grace, given deep contrition for her sins and a bottomless desire to make amends for them.
She begged the holy hermit to give her three hours to put her affairs in order, then she would meet him wherever he wished in order to receive her penance and begin her return to intimacy with God. She used the three hours to gather all her jewels and clothes and even her luxurious furniture – all the trappings of her sinful past – and burn them in the city street, expressing both her intention to repent and her hope to undo the scandal caused by her bad example. Then Paphnutius brought her to a convent, where she was closed up in a cell and given only bread and water to eat while she prayed for mercy: “You who have created me, have pity on me.” She persevered in her penance for a long time, and after St Anthony and St Paul the simple were both consulted, she was eventually extracted from her cell in order to join the community of religious. Fifteen days later she went to her reward, having burned the perishable wealth of this world in order to inherit the everlasting wealth of the next.
I can’t help thinking that you have one or two (or many more) such souls there on campus. In the back of their minds they still here the gentle voice of God, but they need someone to help them break with the evil habits they have formed. Perhaps that’s where God would like you work this semester: praying and doing penance for the big sinners, and winning them back to the cause of Christ.
Your devoted uncle, Eddy

Monday, July 15, 2013

Flemmes en Fleurs

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Editorial: Paris Hollywood, Paris , 1953
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Librería: Dominique Leroy - Enfer librairie (Sens, 89, France)
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28 pages, photographies en couleurs et bichromie. Numéro exceptionnel "MER ET MONTAGNE". Avec 73 nus et 25 couleurs naturelles. La revue Paris Hollywood a paru à Paris de 1947 à 1973 sous différents titres, nous vous proposons aujourd’hui les parutions de 1953 à 1970 des numéros 2 à 538 plus 23 numéros exceptionnels. Merci de nous contacter par e-mail pour obtenir la liste des numéros disponibles. Plus de 400 livraisons différentes. From 1947 to 1973 "Paris-Hollywood" dominated the pin-up press in France. With 80,000 copies printed every fortnight "Paris Hollywood" 's performance remained unmatched for over 25 years. Known successively by the names of "Paris-Hollywood" and "Les beautés de Paris et de Hollywood", the magazine achieved its final fame as "Les folies de Paris et de Hollywood". Little by little, and with the unexpected help from the Hays law on censorship, the magazine called in professional photographers from the French cinema who could provide images with more pizzaz. The film sets and the Parisian cabarets became their privileged shooting ground. We propose to you today the publications from 1953 to 1970, issue # 2 to # 538 plus 23 exceptional issues. More than 400 different issues. Thank you to contact us by e-mail to obtain the list of the available issues. N° de ref. de la librería F11789
Detalles bibliográficos
Editorial: Paris Hollywood, Paris
Año de publicación: 1953
Ilustrador: Serge Jacques
Condición del libro: Bon
Condición de la sobrecubierta: Jaquette en bon état
Edición: Ed. originale
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Descripción de la librería: Maison d'édition spécialisée dans le domaine de l?érotisme, et aujourd?hui « pure player », les éditions Dominique Leroy proposent les textes érotiques interdits et conservés par la BNF du XVIIe siècle au XXe siècle, ainsi que les romans érotiques des années 1960 à 1980, les BD pour adultes et les romans graphiques de son fonds numérisés. Est venu s?ajouter à ce programme de réimpression la création en août 2011 d?une nouvelle collection, la collection e-ros, dirigée par ChocolatCannelle, rédactrice web et blogueuse plus que de raison, la cul-ture est son terrain de prédilection, qu?il s?agisse de sexualité, d?érotisme ou de pornographie, de textes ou d?images. Cette collection numérique de textes érotiques courts réunit des auteurs novices ou plus confirmés, tous amateurs d?érotisme, qui se donnent rendez-vous dans cette nouvelle collection qui se veut dynamique : un rythme de publication soutenu, 18 titres par an, des textes inédits, courts, adaptés à des lectures d?aujourd?hui, à lire sur les écrans des liseuses, tablettes, smartphones et aussi des ordinateurs. Téléchargez facilement vos eBooks (livres numériques) au format PDF, ePUB ou Mobipocket à lire sur un ordinateur (Pc et Mac), une tablette ou une liseuse (Cybook, iPad, Kindle, etc.) ou un smartphone (BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung, etc.). Sans DRM, ces ebooks peuvent également être imprimés.
Descripcion de la Librería: เชี่ยวชาญในด้านของความสุขสำนักพิมพ์และในวันนี้รุ่น "บริสุทธิ์เล่น" ให้โดมินิคเลอรอยห้ามและเก็บไว้ตามขาของศตวรรษที่สิบเจ็ดไปในศตวรรษที่ยี่สิบความสุขและ นวนิยายกามของปี 1960 ถึงปี 1980 ผู้ใหญ่การ์ตูนและนิยายภาพของคอลเลกชันดิจิทัล S มา? เพิ่มโปรแกรมนี้ไปสร้างพิมพ์ใหม่ในสิงหาคม 2011 ของ? ชุดใหม่คอลเลกชัน e-Ros นำโดย ChocolatCannelle, เว็บและบล็อกเกอร์บรรณาธิการเกินไปวัฒนธรรมเป็นเขตที่เขาชื่นชอบ ตาที่ไม่ว่าจะเป็นภาพเพศ d? โป๊เปลือยหรือภาพลามกอนาจารหรือข้อความ? นี้เก็บดิจิตอลของความสุขสั้น ๆ ตรงสามเณรหรือมีประสบการณ์มากขึ้นผู้ที่ชื่นชอบทั้งหมดของความรู้สึกทางเพศที่จะได้พบคุณในชุดใหม่นี้เป็นผู้เขียนแบบไดนามิกอัตราสิ่งพิมพ์สนับสนุน 18 ชื่อต่อปีตำราที่ไม่ได้เผยแพร่ ในวันนี้ระยะสั้นเหมาะสำหรับการอ่าน? ฮุยกับการอ่านบนหน้าจอของ e-ผู้อ่านแท็บเล็ตมาร์ทโฟนเช่นเดียวกับคอมพิวเตอร์ สามารถดาวน์โหลดอีบุ๊คของคุณ (หนังสือดิจิตอล) เพื่อ PDF, ePUB หรือ Mobipocket กับการอ่านบนคอมพิวเตอร์ (PC และ Mac), แท็บเล็ตหรือไฟอ่านหนังสือ (Cybook, iPad, Kindle, ฯลฯ ) หรือมาร์ทโฟน (BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung ฯลฯ ) DRM, ebooks เหล่านี้ยังสามารถพิมพ์ 

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Black letter rhetoric

The genesis of lost civilization with the birth of human conscious on evolution.

His erotic relation with an actress once made drastic change, and according to her feminist right she remains silence, or, she may not said anything, either said such thing like nobody never heard of in the entire life, nor such words “The providence’s divinity” as if, nobody in that dining of breakfast table so forth were not allowed critics whose fond of finding facts stood in front of buffet’s line aimed at the smoked ham as if they have never found such thing in their entire lives, most of, all our entire audiences  amongst some of our paid attendances for such expenses as flowers for the actresses, nevertheless, they appalled loudly and shouting
Hysterically or laughing hoarsely, the enactment of laws that enable merchant to jack up their prices from the sense of the unrealistic passion. When the smoke going down from the horizon of the palace and through the street as a passage from past 4th century by all means without destination what’s a pity…ever wonder why? Through the invention of time, the lovely part of Alexandria's castle the district they have checking in …
Saint Thais of Roman Alexandria was another Mary Magdalene. Although her feast remains on October 8, it is now thought that she may only have been a legend.
Thais was born during the 4th century, probably around the year 320. She was a native of Egypt and was raised as a Christian. When she became a woman, however, she fell into sin and became the most famous courtesan of the century.
It was most likely because she led so many others into sin that Saint Paphnutius (unknown), the bishop of the Thebaid, set out to convert her.
Paphnutius disguised himself as a "customer" and was able to gain access to Thais' bedchamber. Once there, he began to preach the Gospel. He soon discovered that Thais already knew about God and Heaven and Hell. After he warned her that this knowledge made her sins even more deadly, she realized that her soul was in peril.
That very day, Thais dragged all her finery out into the street and started an enormous fire. After asking all who had sinned with her to join in her repentance, she went with Paphnutius to a convent in his diocese.
Once they reached the convent, Paphnutius sealed her into a cell leaving only an opening for food to be passed in. Thais remained in this cell for three years.
Because of the severity of her sins, Paphnutius was not sure how long she would have to do penance. After three years, he sought the advice of his spiritual father Saint Anthony of the Desert (c. 251-356). Anthony, in turn asked the advice of another of his spiritual sons Saint Paul the Simple (unknown-c. 339). Paul was an older man who had become a hermit after his wife committed adultery. He was blessed with several supernatural gifts and Paphnutius believed him when he said that Thais was forgiven.
Saint Thais was released from her prison. Her penance, however, had severely injured her body and she died fifteen days later.
The majority of Christians know about Saint Thais only because of Jules Massenet's 1893 opera based loosely on her life and conversion. In the opera, Thais is converted by a monk named Athanael who is warned by his superiors to leave her alone. After Thais enters the convent, Athanael falls desperately in love with her. The opera's ending is rather disturbing because Thais is redeemed and Athanael denies God. However,


Friday, August 19, 2011

Buddishsm's graffities

The child prodigious named Aong Kulimalh or Ahi back then as a boy and grow on to study liberally survival arts. Ahi because of a child. Is capable. It is the kind of teacher. The other disciples are often jealous, and helped encourage the teachers to hate Ahi in Pediatrics. In the end, he was amenable to most students. I seek to eliminate child by way of a borrower's Ahi of the hands of others. Ahi, the blindness of a child lost his inner sight. The plot to kill people for a thousand. Tribute to the Vet School. Ahi is the child of such a plot has been released into the wild Lumpinei forest on the verge of Kosol the region. Would like to kill people while he was roaming through the woods to it. To count the number of people being killed. The cut off finger. I made a mobile necklace for my neck. It is known to like fingering school in music. The final number 999 persons were killed, only one is to make the mission completed . According to the master minded teacher who had thought him this malicious lesson.. And he is ploting about to kill his mother away with ignorance. He has the mind of the Lord of Wisdom. He went to the first trap. When I want to see the list of his victim, who have already come and go quickly, but did not catch. He was called to stop it. He has said that his department. He must be stopped, but I have not stopped in Malis. Malis be covered in the explanation. He has expanded the meaning to that. He then stopped all together Akuslkrrm. But I need to stop engaging in Malis sin I would foretell the task of Malis’being is to recognized, and ordained as a monk to come. T
.. "In fact, there are also many other than that prophecy he  keeps trying to teach us before departure. In the end finally, he has emphasized more in the remembrance of thought, his lessons in time of criterion crisis. As a result, it has been solution for profoundly solution. Does not mean that the prophet are a holy people will be there present in  order of the transformer , to help us out. But the knowledge that has been teaching us will do solving the problems. To whom confidential try certainly helpful to us for a long time that if there will be enough to solve the problems, they have situated options, no matter what the hurdles. Suggested that the teaching is cause to mastered to the extent and with prudent caution.
"Raj Kumal behold ! The second departured from Master given vigilant of the depression than the first because we were aware of compassion. Honored of good wishes and more. I can not see anything more. You have to give the people a truly peaceful. So when I bid farewell to bow out. We will try to hold the whine going to miss my spell. It can not be sound. Said to be normal. Or hide a profound sense of that expression to the face. And other nonverbal signs. He rubbed his hand and pated on my  head when tears was pouring out, he had already said to us . As if to be consequently reasoned . “ This separation is a common thing in the world. If you respect and remembrance all  of vows to reach in the morals, that I have taught. Then we steped out of the ashram. The Sukon followed by Sukon years ago to live with us at the ashram. Sukon received special training from Master to Master, not less than that determined by the attendant teacher training into other subjects to some sword moves are mainly with the arms but footwork and stances have a lot of effect on how you will fight. Every one can imagine a fight like in the fencing. Sukon with "the Master said, so it is with that from now on, we will have to face life in a renewable term. I have been in the vincinity where we have to get out of the ashram for one day. We traveled through the region Sak Ka. The territory.,the place where we sit with. Then there are things that come to challenge the patience of our knowledges, the acknowledgement has allowed to happen. "Raj Kumal behold!
"Before me was this gang of five when we approached this district is near the village we found a way for five people “. Note that drinking damned it. I do not even hear them talked tipsy. Everyone has a sword in hand. Yes I do worried about that. But even me to whom have passed the Bureau. Takka's stone. And has become a learned scholars who are clearly then against the alcoholics  it but  concern at all. When I approached a man in his fifth ranking was iterated but lean over his yelling its improper to tell me to stop. We stoped by and Sukon irritated too. He asked that where is that I will go. When we replied that it was Phaisali. He soon began to show signs of a bully by saying, "You know who am I ? ” .” Do you know that to whom had I faced up against ? If I have to crawl through one by one, otherwise they will slashed two of us, immediately hair raised, weren’t we? "  said the man, "We have to save time not to extend this matter, I humbly replied. "Please forgive me that happened to me with the way approaching against you . And I do not know who it is that I take this advantage but I am a traveler. Please let’s pass it by without any penalty for him my friend and me "
"I tell thee that. If it is passed. You all have to crawl one by one. Do that and I shall let both of you go ", rough confronted the original intent. "We are facing trouble here but Sukon not telling him he wanted, but by a sense of well-read Sukon out to fight better. But to be sure. We first asked him to confirm that if we obey would it be better off he let us go."We have to say I humbly "Please forgive me that happened to me with the way youwanted,
. As a precaution, we wrapped, and ready. Determined that the requirements in mind. Sukon gathering courage enough to crawl, we reached such an agreement. They were fun. I wish they were real to keep their promise In store. I want to be persistent that. "The crawls was not good. I ordered two new ones that crawl, "as we know them. We need to be active then. Intended to give in the bully by the way they wanted. But was unfortunately forced to fight to become a bully myself. We thought it was very appealing to him if I humbly  ask him again. which may have some thing better than nothing. We asked him to consider his stated condition that when we craeled to finished he would let us go. Now we follow his command and the mission have been completed. Why is that we still be held to have us do it again,What for ?. But they insisted in their decision their ordered us remain unchanged. These gangsters demanded to have us underscored and to hold down for their ball second time.
"Be hold my farang, I said,If you want to be rally with sword skilled. You would fight  face to face with me or not ? To fight with me one on one, or rather it's your style to have five people all in one , wouldn’t you dare ?, "as one of the questions on the fuel oil spilled. Those who show signs of exasperation obviously ”.The man who ordered the first of which is the head of the immediate response to that. He is ready to fight us face to face. We are committed to take care of the luggage hold Sukon. And the sword hidden in a bundle that comes out. in mind  appologized only for the master who had taught of prudence stay away from trouble but this time I’m waiting for someone to step out and told Sukon to stay away from the fight. He was smiling and happy to subdue to us. I stepped out off the swung and lift up by forces. I  reverted a little footworking stlye,  just go ahead drawbacks. Simply insert my foot into his foot, a small cuttolegs crossrd fell to the ground and his sword strike at the rock slip bounce back. What we do not aggravate it, just let him stand up. Grab the sword to come to us again. This means the lateral striked to prevent escape. And the swing are extremely strong as ever. Just let us step back from the sword. They stagger spinning reel to the other. I have 4-inch cut to bear it is not uncomfortable. The crowd came ready to come to us. Sukon draw the sword from the sheath to jump into it. I was told to go to the control of the pack. We then use the strategy to his teeth, they slip away one by one, two. Just five minutes only gangsters, but it became a real hand was wrapped in consciousness, it did take a run to the other. Let me grab my bow out of the pack. Iterate to stop shouting. Otherwise, take a shot with a bow to the dead. Those people are still that simple. Sukon sword collection in one location and listen in order. " Be hold my princes !What did they learn of a weapon before. I have cut to it explain why people who have come together without the addition to the woundCutting -- striking with the edge, which causes percussive damage as well a possibly making a cut in the target, and thrusting -- striking with the point to puncture -- have been shown to be essentially balanced modes of combat. However civilian dueling styles leaned more and more to the thrust over time. The reason for this progression is not known, though common arguments are discussed below. It is perhaps as simple as that the thrusting style allowed for lighter weapons.  Enemy weapons out of hand. If you are not follow now. However, it will be in next week. That they shall give an order to stop it. Sukon knew that he was not ask us to follow in the same way we were, he ordered them to do immediately and then some started to crawl, one by one. In fact, it's perfect. They are taught to realize the object of their actions to others.
      "But I agreed that we will lose all the time. We can not issue commands to those looking for a great timber which is located far enough. Go to the top of the timber as well. I striked the arrows onto of the trunk of the tree is near the top of a flower (rose bud), everyone can see that in the absence of a rupture, however. We have told them that let you go from here as soon as possible to the north side of the tree. We will begin to draw the bow on the arrows to fall out of anywhere. If you are in the way of the arrows. We can not guarantee that I bow to the rear plug member. You will see that we shot so far is. If you do not want to die, then ran away from the bow of our Lord. This command works very well. When we say the words, they went out, I can not imagine life in the faster lane. I have eyed what it seems to be drug used on dope runing until exhausted. When this occurs, it must be because the arrows do not intend to kill ‘em anyway. Cautiously, but only briefly. Runner ghost took five of them ran out of sight. I said to Sukon that I just have to throw the sword which they left, then quickly go to the next destination. "The village’s  master who was almost  half a day walked through where we came from. We came to another village, we stop to buy food from villagers. But he could not sell it to me without charge the maximum amount. I go out. While I could have gone farther. I saw people rushing out. Also armed with arms. When approached and shouted to us to stoped right there. One man said that a few days ago.  “One of the robbers put a board that will be words spreded from mouth to mouth about the holding upto robbery. The home that you will both be suspeciously wired to the robbers. I was going to be held before the village’s master. If you are a good person should be given in obviously.  If not started runaway. Wewill capture the control both of you like robbers escaped, then we would have killed both of you. Be hold all of you princes!, As one who have the odd against him who face life in the world will be met by the end of this chaos, or how. We try our best to avoid controversy struck. To avoid wasting the time of life without the teacher. However, it seems to be trying to get us involved in the chaos, then we will decide how. He proposed that if conditions are good, he was arrested. The robbers then fled to. We do not like being caught. And do away with. The decision was extremely difficult (hard decision), but most of us I say to those people. Clarify that we are getting back into the city Phaisali. Not involved or an accomplice to the crime. Let us ask him to Esiietid. Do not waste time unnecessarily.While the dispute between us and the villagers. The gang are riding through the park. The villagers had gathered to prepare for battle. Ae told me that some people are rushing to get support from the village. This is a chance that we will both have shown us the purity of the villagers. We have a path to the bandits. I stopped to ask her out to be a robbery or I immediately called bandit leader Twad that I just have to put that label is stripped. We turn to tell those people not to panic. The robbers then to dismount. Fight us face to face. Which seems to be very satisfied of the robbers. He quickly jumped down from his horse to Be hold all of you princes ! We know that the fight against the chief of the bandits. More importantly, the fight against gangsters, and five days ago. I think the course is higher. Is to destroy the weapons of the enemy and make him catch it. We use a special sword to fight with the bandits that. trying fending off the robbers. We would anticipate that. Knowledge and skills of people in rural areas only. Does not explain everything, but any expert so we use (treatening sword dualing and teasing) to finesse the dental anxiety. Mr. Hillman is a party without an opportunity to respond to the strike (swing back) when I saw that the robbers were busy enough already. We just knocked out his teeth (unforce error) winner stroked, or sword of the robbers had broken apart. At the same time, we have a quick hand. The robbers hands twisted and cross back and ready to break the arm if not his request. That handshake was just doing it out of pain and struggle. We tell them the bandits who was on horseback, to throw away a weapon by the robbers said, otherwise it will be twisted and broken arm. The painful memory of Mr. Hillman received his orders to his minions and request them to give us life. He has ruined my mind like a puffed up his end just like the pride totally wera him out to relax and clear the count. The robbers took the family to be undecided. Some of them seem to help. But when he heard the bandits to ireterate a second time, agreed to throw his weapon away. And listen to the following statement on the backs of their horses.
The villagers hurried to help keep the confiscated weapons were gang. But be careful eye on those bandits. Do not trust what to do next. We were told to place all the dismount. Then the horses were confiscated weapons and confiscate them. They were asked to let the bandits kill every one of them. To prevent an opponent causing hardship to those people next. But we have to clarify that. When he refused to give up and throw away the weapon. Do not kill him. If we kill people who give a good example of this would be cruel. As well as the actions of the gang. So the villagers say, but horses and weapons confiscated. Most of these thieves, we will ask for volunteers to take him away as far as possible, and if they have repented, we would have done. Most of those people would give us back into the village. But I refused. That is why people often turn to joy. The gang got together with our next trip. We take this opportunity to explain and persuade them to abandon a criminal gang to find a way to make a living faith. They explained that these bandits. They are bandits, but because of the anger some people who abuse them when they take revenge and kill those people.The days after those people were killed their destinies changed to die out finally, then they have become a ganged land of robbers escaped criminal and a happy life. Later I asked these scams gang pleaded for a long time they refused to repent and believe everyone will settle down. The Wildcats are a bona fide occupational areas at the foot of the mountain near a forest one. Ensure that we encourage them to express their crime was. "Termination of the bandits and drug omission," pledged by the presence of a holy mountain, ensure that they are expressed with sincerity. If persistence is next. Sometimes people ask what the right of ordination to the mountains, they are swept up by the various statement that the bandits would make bow in the lower back when they take the oath. So we said farewell to disperse.
............ we leave the region until the end of the Sak Ka heading into the region of the Malla God Be hold all of you princes! In this journey we have been trying to avoid trying to enter the capital. Which people have not Ryokan. I want to go to the city Phaisali as soon as possible. It's the things that I saw  standing still were higher than that at the foot of the hill there are tens of Kuti's Royal Buddhist roof is home to two three Brrpchit in Buddhism. And then the Trinity testament came... Seven hundred years after Buddha passed away peacefully has caused this important works of literature to fall off curriculum lists his Trinity’s testament has been wide spread in Asia as far as China where the Hun’s dynasty had recessed under greedy khuntees, about the time when emperor Hein Tei (the conquerer) taken the throne since young age but behind the scene there was threatening horribly by Tung toe (throne settler), There have been several more recent cases involving protests for the banning of the governance it was about time people were seeking of the good governance, then came Jojo of Woue,the vincinity out skirt of Beijing where the grand palace over looking the Tein un Maueng standing aground. The story begins in fictional, of the powerful Jojo whose timidiated against the young king was so upset he wrote a letter on a pool of blood drew by slashed his under arm as saying out loud the needed of revamping the chineese soil before the temperature of boiling has reached the summit., Leo Pei of Gnore who, together with master minded Kong beng,  are attempting to civilize the country out by helped him. Huck appreciates their efforts, but finds civilized life confining. In the beginning of the story, Tom Sawyer appears briefly, helping Huck escape at night from the house, pasted time by slaverly the people of China ,They meet up with Tom Sawyer's self-proclaimed gang, who plot to carry out adventurous crimes. Life is changed by the sudden appearance of Huck's shiftless father "Pap", an abusive parent and drunkard. Although Huck is successful in preventing his Pap from acquiring his fortune, Pap forcibly gains custody of Huck and the two move to the backwoods where Huck is kept locked inside his father's cabin. Equally dissatisfied with life with his father, Huck escapes from the cabin, elaborately fakes his own death, and sets off down the Yellow River, to the ancient town of Jericho a city by the river in western Jordan , where he met Sukon who be freinded of a Pharoh’s prophet named Karthus in the desert land he was send to negotiate the withdrawal of both enemies Isaraelis and the Palestinians. Back then the Roman empire was under the grieves before the saggregation of Julius Cecar. Jeremiah a prophet who wrote The old Testament containing his prophecies and destination of the Jew in Jidda, a city in the Arabian sea near Mecca, later he moved to Jerusalem.        Alas ! a day after the year of which their dream dried out in the sliva jungle of Southeast which contains of two inscriptions, the winner always aware of his opponent and he must not have fear for succumb at stance of the underdog no matter what fearsome it was. As a decade of fear has gone to darkness like whimsical overtures. The heap of lust looming and flooded the surface of the earth upon the blue sky.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Aongkulimalh covered

Aongkulimalh meaning school of fingers covered the story of Lord Buddah

The child prodigious named Aong Kulimalh and grow on to study his because of a child peodigy. Is capable. It is the kind of dejavu made by the teacher and that of the other disciples are often jealous, and helped encourage the teachers to hate him in that of the rampage mission impossible.
In the end, he was amenable to most students whom seek to eliminate this child by way of a borrower's his hands for the confisciation of the others . A point of faith were his timing of the murder acts of a lost beast. The plot to kill people for a thousand. Tribute to the Tarakasira School. He is the child of such a plot has been released into the wilderness. Kusinara the region. I like killing people roaming through the woods to it. To count the number of people's fingers being killed. It is known to like a fingering school for him was a mobile necklace.
The remaining, only one is compleated. According to the devilish teacher. And is about to kill his own mother away with ignorance all out of hallucination. He has the dejavu's mind of misinterpreted,afore thought of the Lord of Wisdom. He went to the first trap. When Buddah want to see the list, who have already come and go quickly, but did not catch. He was called to stop it. The Lord has said that his departure he had stopped. He must be stopped, but I would have not stopped in him. He will be covered in the explanation. He has expanded the meaning to that. He then stopped all academic fantasies together . But I need to stop him from engaging in his incomprehensive sins I think the list of dejavu, and ordained as a monk to come.. Lord Buddah explanation's links: defines an interpreted of the Lord.